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Ken Brewer, Margot Kelly and Steve Kelly are all veterans of the Portland music scene and have played in a number of local bands including Return Flight, Deep Blue Soul Revue, The Eric Larsen Band and others.

Wanting to do something that was in contrast to these projects, the three of them got together to create an acoustic based, intimate musical experience. The idea was to take songs from a variety of musical genres including but not limited to rock, r&b, country, jazz, and blues; rearrange them to fit the stripped down instrumentation of an acoustic trio and give these songs a new and interesting interpretation.

Big Yellow Taxi is the type of band that can fit any occasion - from a club gig to a wedding, a back yard barbeque to a corporate event, concert in the park to a wine tasting. With an extensive and evolving list of songs, they can create just the right mood you're looking for. Big Yellow Taxi also has a lot of flexibility as far as production. From a bare bones acoustic group to a full P.A. and lighting, they can provide for a small room to a larger venue.

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